• Alex Ott, oboist

• Member of the "Karajanakademie des Berliner Philharmonischen Orchesters"
• Member of the "SWR Symphonieorchester" (1.solo oboe)
• Member of "Ensemble 13"
• Member of "Orfeo Bläseroktett"
• Piano-oboe duo with Hans Georg Gaydoul
• Solo oboist of the "Bayreuther Festspielorchester"
• Member of "Audace Bläsertrio" with Dirk Altmann and Eckart Hübner

Soloconcerts with:
• Symphonieorchester Baden Baden and Freiburg (Strauss)
• "Sinfonietta tedesca", Karlsruhe
• "Klassischen Philharmonie Telekom Bonn"
• Philharmonie of Krakow and Wroclaw

May 2002 first German performance of " music for oboe and orchestra" composed by Wolfgang Rihm with a solo-cadenza in the beginning dedicated to the interprete.

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