• Hulu Project, Trip Hop, Avant Pop

" ... a crazy mix of Avant Pop, Soul, RnB, Trip Hop, a DJ, a celtic harp, an oboe and the guitar of Luigi Archetti. At times Chat is melancholy - archaic - creepy dark - exotic - hypnotic, with devilishly enticing grooves, breathtaking guitars and the rich warm embracing vocals of Lisa Cash (ex-singer of Consolidated)" ...aw

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TITLE: "Chat"
GENRE: TripHop, Avant Pop
COMPOSER: Luigi Archetti, Hubl Greiner
ARRANGEMENTS: Luigi Archetti, Hubl Greiner, Eric Babak
TEXT: Lisa Cash
LABEL: GECO/Warner/Chappell 2000
PRODUCER: Eric Babak
PUBLISHER: Eric Babak Music Publishing, Warner/Chappell Music und Hubl Enterprises
TOTAL TIME: 23:28 min

> Hubl Greiner, drums, sampling
> Luigi Archetti, guitar
> Lisa Cash, vocals
> Eric Babak, piano

> Rainer Granzin, rhodes
> Tunji Beier, percussion
> Alex Ott, oboe
> Rüdiger Oppermann, harp
> JP Volk, bass
> DJ Rebel, turntables

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