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HULU PROJECT is an exceptional Music Project by Hubl Greiner & Luigi Archetti. Their music is a mix of Sound Art, Avant Pop, Cross Culture Music and Shamanic Music of Sakha Republic / Siberia.



[ CCn‘C Records, 2008 ]
Genre: Experimental music, Sound Art

Fragile sounds soake through the waking-sleeping senses of the passengers in a subway car somewhere in Japan, blending in with the ambient rhythms and creating the daywalking world of inemuri.
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Hulu Project, Stepanida Borisova, TranceSiberia, urbane Musik der Schamanen, Sakha, Sibirien, mp3TranceSiberia

[ CCn‘C Records, 2001 ]
Genre: Shamanic Music, club music, experimental
(feat. shamanistic singer Stepanida Borisova from Sakha, Siberia)
No. 3 at World Music Charts Europe 2001

Intensive interpretation of shamanistic singing from Sakha (Siberia), combined with todays western club-culture – from tradtional and mystic essays, ritualistic ceremonies to modern urban forms ...
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CUbic YellowCubic Yellow

[ Captain Trip Records, Japan 1999, CCn‘C Records, 2007 ]
Genre: Downtempo electronic music, Sound Art
Award - "Selection Swiss Radio International"
With guest musician Dieter Moebius

"Fans of Biosphere or The Orb should definitely take note of this one!!!"
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[ Geco, Warner/Chappell, 2000 ]
Genre: Avant Pop
With vocalist Lisa Cash and Eric Babak

" ... a crazy mix of Avant Pop, Soul, Trip Hop, a DJ, a celtic harp, an oboe and the unique guitar of Luigi Archetti."
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